Using Self-Storage for a “Mom Cave”

Using Self Storage for a Mom Cave - Dallas, Carrollton, Lewisville

Everyone needs a little “me” time, especially moms. A stress-free zone in which to get away and recuperate from the daily grind of domestic life is always a must. Especially when striving to ensure one’s own mental health and well-being.  If your home fails to provide enough quiet space in which to think, get creative and rejuvenate oneself, then why not try a self-storage “mom cave”? It can provide the perfect private sanctuary that you’ve been looking for.

Here are a few examples of fun self-storage ideas that a busy mom can utilize for some personal time.

Meditation and yoga are activities that need a quiet, calm, atmosphere in which to perform them in. A storage unit doesn’t have to just be full of boxes, bicycles, and accumulated items that clutter up or don’t fit in your house. Rugs, accessories, pillows, etc., can transform a unit into a plush, comfortable, and peaceful place in which to practice and perfect your meditation or yoga skills.

Hobbies and crafts are activities that always need a lot of space and organization. A fold-out table placed in your storage unit in which to cut sewing patterns on, do bead work, and spread clippings out for scrapbooking, can provide a safe zone with no roaming little young fingers to potentially touch dangerous sharp tools, spill beads, or move strategically placed things. Self-storage units are also a great place to efficiently and conveniently store and use all of those accessories that go along with your crafts and hobbies.

Family memories are usually items that are already abundant in a self-storage unit. Making a comfortable place that is set aside from the rest of the storage items can be a great way to unwind from the daily grind. This way you can enjoy reminiscing over all of those old family photo albums, toys and trophies from long past, and all of the assorted happy memories that are stored there without being bothered or interrupted.

A seasonal wardrobe closet in a self-storage unit is not only a great place to keep your clothes in; it’s also a great place to spruce up into a walk-in closet that would rival some mansions. Shoes, dresses, summer and winter coats, all can be put on designated racks according to the season. Creating a nice area with a full-length mirror will provide a private serene space in which to match outfits, relax, sort through your wardrobe, and just sit and enjoy a fun moment with your favorite outfits, alone, or with your friends.

North Texas Storage facilities are conveniently located throughout the Dallas and Collin County area, which includes Carrollton, Central Dallas, Lewisville, and Denton. Our self-storage units are clean, safe, and provide a maximum amount of security with coded access during convenient business hours. This provides a great environment for any “Mom Cave” seekers looking for some well-deserved serenity.  Our professional property managers live onsite, ensuring that your “Mom Cave” is always safe and secure after hours as well. Contact us today for a convenient tour of our fine facilities.





Storage Unit Auctions: Fact and Fiction

Storage Auctions in Dallas, Denton, Carrollton, Lewisville - Myths and Facts

The 2012 A&E hit television show Storage Wars: Texas is only on re-runs these days, but at North Texas Self-Storage facilities, storage unit auctions are still a reality. Many people try to gamble on a bid for an abandoned storage unit, hoping to turn it into big profits—usually relying on just a five-minute visual inspection in which to make their make-it or break-it bids.

Storage Wars was exposed in 2013 by its former star, Dave Hester, with allegations that the reality show used a tactic known as “salting,” in which valuables are planted in certain storage units. He also alleged that the show even staged entire storage units full of supposedly abandoned valuable memorabilia and antiques in order to elevate the shows excitement factor.

Here are some useful facts about storage unit auctions that will help look past some of the fiction portrayed on reality TV. 

Auctions on storage units are thankfully not a regular occurrence at North Texas Storage. Occasionally, we do have units that come up abandoned with a past due balance, which then need to be subsequently auctioned off. When we do auction off left behind property, we follow all local laws when doing so. Ahead of any pending North Texas Storage auctions, a notice is advertised in the local newspaper.

There are three main auction types.

  1. Live Auction: This is the most popular style of auction. Participants are allowed to take a quick look inside the storage unit without being able to physically go through it. They then make their best guess as to the true hidden value of the storage unit’s contents.
  2. Sealed Bid: With a sealed bid auction, the bidder is allowed to view the inside of the unit. The participants seal their bids into envelopes and give them to the auctioneer. The highest bidder is then announced as the winning bid for the unit.
  3. Blind Auction: In a blind auction a bidder is not allowed to view the contents of the storage unit, thus, will have no real clue as to what the contents of the unit could be. This is a risky way of bidding on a storage unit and not a very commonly used one.

Winning bids are asked to take immediate possession of the contents of the storage unit and the space is expected to be left in a clean condition after the unit has been emptied. Any refuse that was left in the unit must be disposed of offsite. This is where a large dump bill on a junky abandoned unit can adversely offset any profits that were made on the deal.

Inquiries can be made about upcoming storage unit auctions by clicking on contact us! North Texas Self-Storage has locations in Carrollton, Central Dallas, Lewisville, and Denton. Our self-storage units are always clean, secured, and manned by our experienced property managers providing impeccable service in a well maintained professional environment. Let us give you a tour of our facilities so that you can tell us how we can meet your self-storage needs today.

Proper Moving Protocol: Five Easy Steps to a Successful Move

Moving to Dallas or North Texas - Tips for a Successful Move

Moving to the North Texas area of Carrollton, Central Dallas, Lewisville, and Denton, Texas with all of our historic and beautifully scenic attractions? Don’t waste valuable recuperation and recreational time being stressed-out and exhausted by a poorly planned move. Follow these five time-tested rules that professional movers use to organize, prioritize, pack, categorize, and successfully move all of your prized belongings smoothly and efficiently to your new residence.

  1. Start preparing early for the big move
    The first thing that should be done before a big move is to properly prepare for it. Mentally sort through the basics first. For example, are you doing it yourself or hiring a moving company? What’s the best vehicle and moving date? De-clutter your house before packing: get rid of that built-up junk and other unwanted items which have accumulated over the years. Then you can relax and take your time packing.
  2. Follow simple packing rules
    Packing should be started weeks in advance. Non-essentials should be packed first. Valuable and breakable items should be individually wrapped in newspaper and/or bubble wrap, and then packed separately from other Non-fragile items (Mark as “Fragile”). Make sure to label all boxes as to their content type and destination: for example, “Pans/Kitchen.” Labeling your boxes this way will also help when directing hired movers where to go. Make sure to keep valuables such as jewelry and collectibles packed separately, and also put them in a safe spot so that they don’t come up missing.
  1. How to properly move furniture
    Always empty your furniture’s drawers and then tape them shut with some no-residue painter’s tape. This will keep them from causing a safety hazard when carrying, or inadvertently sliding out while in transit. Any furniture that can be broken down, such as removing legs and separating sections, will save valuable space when packing it onto a moving truck. Use rope and moving blankets in order to cover and secure furniture. This will help minimize scratches and damage while on the truck.
  2. Moving day dos and don’ts
    Do: Keep children and pets out the way and out of harm’s way. Dogs or cats darting under foot while carrying heavy boxes or furniture can lead to a disaster. Children too young to help should be with a designated babysitter whose job will be to keep them entertained in one area. Don’t: lose your temper, whether with hired movers or with helping family members. It won’t make the move any smoother and your helpers may just take offense and possibly leave without finishing the move.
  3. Tip your movers and helpers
    It’s customary to tip paid movers after the move is over. A standard tipping rate would be $25 to $50 dollars per worker, depending on the amount of the belongings moved, heavy furniture, stairs that needed to be tackled, and other factors. For friends and family members, small gifts with a personal touch that depends on their tastes will always be appreciated by your “free” helpers on your big moving day.

North Texas Storage can help you with all of those extra possessions that either just didn’t fit in the new residence, or that need to be stored until your new home is more organized. Our self-storage facilities are conveniently located throughout the Dallas and the Collin County area of North Texas. Our high standards, clean, well-lit units, state-of-the-art security, and dedicated, on-site property managers will mean that you can trust North Texas Storage to consistently provide the maximum amount of both service and security to our renters.



March Rains Bring Unfortunate Water Damage to Texas

Water Damage Prevention in North Texas - Dallas Self Storage

If your drought troubles have ironically given way to water damage in the coming rains that February always seems to bring to Texas, keep your precious heirlooms and miscellaneous items stored safe and sound at one of our numerous modern, clean, and well-maintained facilities at North Texas  Self Storage.

The end of 2015 has brought one welcome change to the great state of Texas, an end to the devastating and persistent drought that has been plaguing our region. But with this new blessing comes another burden. With a March that has been more inclement than not, water damage to residential homes in the North Texas area has been on the increase. In an ongoing drought, it’s easy to overlook clogged drains or roofing problems when the weather has been so dry all year. The trouble is, once something is water damaged, it’s normally damaged for good. Easily keep all of those miscellaneous boxes, cherished old items, and family memories that are usually stored up in the attic, at one of our convenient storage facilities in Carrollton, Dallas, Denton, or Lewisville (I-35E).

According to the Insurance Information Institute: In 2015, “Severe thunderstorms losses at $9.6 billion, accounted for about 60 percent of the 2015 insured losses.” If that wasn’t enough, the I.I.I. website also listed that, “Winter storms and cold waves caused $3.5 billion in insured losses in 2015, almost double the 10-year average of $1.8 billion.” And Texas was a substantial part of those statistics last year. Taking the right precautions can make a big difference in reducing those unfortunate losses in 2016.

Use these quick tips for preventing water damage:

  • Clean those gutters: Do basic maintenance and roof repairs regularly. Check your attic for any signs of water leakage from last year’s rainy season, before this year’s season even has a chance to do damage. If you even suspect that you might have a leak, move your attic treasures to a nice, safe, dry, storage area just to be prudent until you can find out for sure.
  • Don’t store things by hot water heaters: This is one of those disasters that most people don’t realize can happen until it’s too late. Hot water heaters have a safety valve that purges excess water in case a thermostat goes faulty and overheats the unit. Old and new units alike can also leak or burst water lines, soaking anything that is stored nearby.
  • Check your bathroom fixtures for problems: A toilet that overflows due to a sticky flapper—old drain pipes in a sink or tub that leak —a shower that has lost its caulking. These are usually simple problems to fix, but it can add up to big potential losses when they decide to flood everything around or below them.
  • Keep up on upcoming forecasts: These days, you don’t need to be a weather enthusiast to keep track of the weather. Those times of fancy and expensive complicated home weather gauges are a thing of the past. The Weather Channel on cable TV or the Internet or that free weather application on your smartphone has all of the information that you will possibly need in order to prepare yourself for any inevitable upcoming Texas storms.
  • Use North Texas Self Storage: This last tip may be a blatant plug of our services, but in all fairness, it’s absolutely true. You can avoid all of the aforementioned risks, by simply storing all of your valuable accumulated items at one of our numerous storage facilities in North Texas.

Don’t be a victim of preventable water damage due to the harsh weather that can range from one extreme to the other in Texas. Our state has many more threats to storing things than other milder states in the nation; be they poisonous critters, crazy weather, or old houses rich with heritage, but also in need of constant upkeep. At North Texas  Self Storage, we can accommodate all of your needs securely, economically, and conveniently, beyond just the occasional big move. Contact us today for more information on how we can help keep your important items locked up safely and away from the elements in a climate-controlled environment.

Top 5 Tips for Moving to Dallas with Kids

Tips for Moving to Dallas with Kids - Self Storage Texas

At North Texas Self Storage, we know more than a thing or two about how stressful moving to a new town or state can be—especially in a family with children involved. A child’s world can be a fragile place sometimes, and with all of the added tension that a move brings to the adults as well, tempers can flare up and feelings can get hurt without a solid moving plan in place. In order to help make the transition easier, we have compiled a handy list of the top five tips on moving into a new home with your children.

1. Call a Family Meeting

The first thing that should be done with children from ages 5 to 18 is to get everyone together and first explain the reasons for the move to them, and then you can get onto the rest of the specifics about the where and when, after getting the why out of the way. Children of all ages like to be talked to honestly; doing this in the beginning of the conversation with sincerity and clarity will help reduce their fears about the move, and inevitable initial reservations about leaving their old established lives behind, for their now, unknown future ones.

2. Make the Move a Family Effort

The children’s everyday normal routines are bound to be disrupted by all of the preparations involved in a big move. This is why it’s important to turn the new changes into the new routine by involving the whole family in the packing process, plus it is also good to allow them to sort and label their own boxes of stuff appropriately. This will not only make them feel involved, but it will also give them a sense of control back into their lives, especially when a child is feeling a little uncertain.

3. Feed the Movers, Starve the Refrigerator

People tend to stop buying food once they start getting closer to their move date, due to the fact that nobody wants to risk moving a bunch of food that might spoil. But a bare cupboard with children around just isn’t practical, especially if there are ravenous teenagers in the house. This is where a reasonable stock of dry goods can come in handy and the refrigerator and freezer can be limited to a small amount of basic healthy staples like milk for cereal, eggs, and a limited amount of meats and cheeses and such. It is a good idea to still keep some ice cream on hand also, just in case the children’s morale needs a quick fun boost.

4. Re-Organize Kid Stuff after Hours

In order to avoid all those needless arguments from your children over their things, organize their stuff that they packed while they’re asleep. This way you can separate the little things that they will need on the trip—for example, favorite toys and essential stuffed animals—and secretly throw away all those old unneeded items without enduring a major tantrum over them from your kids. Re-organizing the kid’s stuff this way will help them keep their pride about doing the packing themselves, without a headache later when unpacking what they packed.

5. Pre-Visit the New Destination

Number five is one tip that can either be accomplished remotely, by using the internet or if possible, one can actually go to the new town and living arrangements with the whole family. This takes the scary unknown part out of a child’s new move. This also allows the kids to get familiar with their new surroundings, and turn the moving dread into intrigue by showing them the town’s scenic and historic sites, parks, playgrounds, and new schools.

They say that everything’s bigger in Texas, but sometimes your house ends up being too small for all of your belongings, even in Dallas. North Texas Self Storage has exactly the perfect sized storage units to fit all of your needs, from 5’x 5’ to 10’x 30’. We also have climate-controlled units that maintain a perfect temperature of 55 to 85 degrees, in order to protect your belongings from the extreme temperatures that we get here in North Texas. Our security is top-notch with controlled access and coded entry gates; not to mention our reliable and well trained onsite management staff. For more helpful moving tips, visit our blog for some great advice, and also useful information about our facilities.

Top Ten Self Storage New Year’s Resolutions

Best Self Storage Prices in Dallas and Lewisville!

This is the time of the year for making some new resolutions, especially when it comes to getting rid of all of that excess clutter around your house. One way to prepare for an upcoming spring cleaning in March is to store those extra items that you’ve been carrying around for far too long at a North Texas Self Storage facility in Carrollton, Dallas, Denton, and Lewisville (I-35E). Below are ten of the top New Year’s resolutions that people are making about clearing out their home clutter in 2016.

1. Create more open space: When you start feeling a little cluttered and boxed into your own house or apartment, rearrange the furniture in order to open up some extra space, and then store all of those extra furniture pieces, full boxes, old toys, clothes, blankets, etc., away for safe keeping in our self-storage facility.

2. Set up that extra spare room: Most everybody has procrastinated sometime or another about setting up that office, art studio, guest room, or that exercise and weight room. Unfortunately, that small spare room of yours is usually full of everything else that you still want to keep, but have no appropriate place to put except there. Start taking all that stuff to storage!

3. Clean out that two-car garage: Do you have a garage that is originally supposed to fit two cars, but that now has only room for one? Clear out the clutter! We have units from 5′ x 5′, all the way up to 10′ x 30′ (300 sq. ft.), which is more than enough room to accommodate clearing out an average two-car garage.

4. Get that collector’s car properly stored: That old beauty of a car that you’ve been storing on your front lawn may be actually safer at one of our North Texas Self-Storage facilities. Contact us today in order to find a facility in your area that fits your car and boat storage needs.

5. Sell all of those extra items: Rather than meeting perfect strangers at your personal home, be safe and store those extra household items that you are trying to sell, at one of our local storage facilities. You can then meet the buyer in a public place near your storage unit to safely negotiate the buy.

6. Sell your house: We are not suggesting that you sell your house on a whim just because it is a new year, but, if you were thinking about it anyway, you’re going to need to clean up the house and clear out that clutter in order to make the best possible impression on a potential buyer.

7. Reduce your stress level: One way to reduce your everyday stress level at home is to remove all of the clutter that gets in your way on a daily basis, and then store it away with us. You can then finally enjoy your home stress-free and clutter-free in total peace.

8. Organize your tools: It’s a good time of year to start organizing all of those miscellaneous yard tools, and the numerous lawn and garden accessories that you won’t really need until summer is in full swing. Put away all of that swimming and beach gear as well. Spring may be right around the corner, but in January, summer is still months away.

9. Clean out that attic: After a rough winter, it’s a good idea to check all the way upstairs to that sometimes neglected attic. The attic is usually the storeroom for all of those passed down family relics. They can become much-missed items when lost due to vermin or exposure to the elements. For those older climate-sensitive heirlooms, store them safely in one of our climate-controlled units.

10. Set a specific deadline: To keep yourself on the straight and narrow on your New Year’s resolutions, set a specific deadline for cleaning out all of that clutter in your life that seems to have gotten out of hand this past year. Follow through, and you will accomplish all of them.

As always, our team is diligently waiting to make your self-storage experience the most convenient, economical, and secure one in the business. Unlike our competition, we will never charge you outrageous security deposits, or try to entrap you with long-term commitments. Our facilities are modern, clean, well-maintained, and also have state-of-the-art and around-the-clock video surveillance and controlled access gates with coded entry. Call or visit us today by accessing our website. And good luck on all of those New Year’s resolutions for 2016!



We do Self Storage Big in Texas for Christmas

Cheapest Self Storage Prices in Dallas and Lewisville - Texas

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start hiding presents from the spouse and kids; not that they can’t be trusted—but why tempt them? One ingenious way to ensure that your hard earned presents that you bought, stay a big surprise on the big day is to rent a storage unit from North Texas Self Storage.

North Texas has incredible access to great shopping for the holiday season. And North Texas Self Storage in the Carrollton, Dallas, Denton, and Lewisville (I-35E) areas have the perfect climate-controlled self-storage units that will keep your Christmas gifts not only safe from the winter elements, but also safe from the prying eyes and fingers of your beloved family, and even from potential criminals in our secured facilities. Holiday sales in 2015 are expected to see $626.1 billion in growth nationwide. That’s a lot of potential presents to hide until the 25th of December. That’s why we would like to encourage the North Texas part of the country to store their share of the pre-Christmas purchases at one of our clean, modern, and conveniently located self-storage facilities.

With the convenience of internet shopping and online superstores like with its Prime 2-day free shipping for members, (Amazon Now can even deliver in a few hours) the presents can really start piling up fast. It can actually become somewhat of a problem to find an adequate place to put them all, let alone hide them. This is where we come in. Whether you just need a small 50 sq. ft. unit to temporarily store your waiting stash of Christmas presents in, or if you need a larger spot to hide an entire new car or boat, we can handle it! We even offer delivery acceptance at all of our facilities, so one of our trusted property managers can take your packages from UPS, FedEx, or even the USPS, instead of having to worry about someone grabbing a present off your porch.

According to the National Retail Federation, because of past lower than expected sales, retailers are resorting to lowering prices this year in order to boost their business in the Christmas season. This makes this Christmas a perfect time to go big and do it up right with a well-deserved holiday shopping spree after surviving all those tough times during the recent recession. You and your family deserve a great Christmas this year, and you also deserve the great service and convenience that we at North Texas Self Storage can provide you this season.

But Wait, There’s More…

Of course, our units are waiting to store anything that needs to be stored, not just presents. Our facilities provide the security you need with our state-of-the-art video surveillance systems and restricted gate access with individual gate codes, not to mention our expert and professional property managers who diligently provide an extra layer of total security. Our convenience factor is unmatched with many assorted unit sizes to choose from that range anywhere from 5′ x 5′ to 10′ x 30′. We also provide vehicle storage at several of our facilities, and, of course, all of the supplies you will need for that big move. Unlike most other storage places, we will never charge you outrageous security deposits or bind you to long-term contracts. You can easily contact us online or by phone, or read up on handy moving tips and facility information and specifics by visiting our website. Let us, help you do it up Texas style this year at North Texas Self Storage!


What NOT to Do When You Move to Dallas

Top Things to Avoid When Moving to Dallas - Self Storage Dallas

Dallas and the surrounding areas are one of the greatest places to live in Texas. For art lovers, the city has the sophistication of the Dallas Art Museum to enjoy. For garden lovers, there is the breathtaking Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. For inquisitive kids and adults alike, there is the Perot Museum of Nature and Science; the list of sights, historic places, and incredible parks and recreation spots in, or around the Dallas area, goes on and on. So we’ve established that there is plenty to do in Dallas, but, we haven’t covered a few things that one shouldn’t do before, or during, the big move to Dallas. Our team has compiled a few important things NOT to do when you move to Dallas, so you won’t be saying “I wish I hadn’t done that!”

Don’t forget to take the appropriate amount of time to properly plan a move. This is one of the biggest and most common mistakes that people make when moving to Dallas. By first setting down a structured, well-thought-out budgeted plan, which covers every aspect of the move, you will take a major step forward towards reducing stress on your actual move date. Remember these three Ps to moving: Plan your move well in advance.  Prepare for all of the many unknowns that might happen while on the road. Make sure that everyone who is involved in the move, actually Participates, plus is fully informed and on the same page as you are.

Don’t be unorganized; you will be very unhappy when you can’t find anything you need to comfortably set up your new living arrangements. Labeling things ahead of time is the key to being totally organized, both before, and also once you reach your final destination. Set aside a separate section of the essential items and necessities that you’re going to need upon arrival in Dallas. Make sure to pack them up last, this way they’re the first things that you take out when you get there, and then separate them from the rest of the boxes being unloaded. For example: toiletries, a spare set of clothes, telephones, radios, computer/electronics, chargers, and, of course, the coffee maker.

Don’t underestimate the moving truck you will need. That also includes the square footage of the new living arrangements once you get there. There is nothing worse than trying to set up a new home and not having any room left to move around in, let alone to be able to rearrange things. This is where North Texas Self Storage can help in the moving process. Check out our website ahead of the move. This way you can have a storage unit waiting for you, either for temporary or permanent storage. We have many convenient locations in North Texas, including Carrollton, Dallas, Denton, and Lewisville (I-35E). Check out the rest of our blog for other useful tips on making your move a success.

Cardboard Box Halloween Costumes: the Best of 2015!

It’s that time of year again… the time that we get to talk about cardboard boxes! Wait, that doesn’t sound very fun or exciting. But we promise that by the end of this post you’ll be itching to cut up a cardboard box to make your very own cardboard costume masterpiece.

If you don’t have cardboard boxes sitting around, not to worry. Most North Texas Storage locations sell cardboard boxes in a multitude of sizes that are sure to work for your costuming purposes. Look for the white stack of boxes in front of our offices that says “WE SELL BOXES,” and one of our helpful property managers will assist you in picking the perfect boxes!

Check out this adorable slice of cake costume. Considering the visual impact that this costume will make, it’s pretty simple and inexpensive to make! You’ll just have to slice (ha ha) your box into large pieces. This tutorial doesn’t use this technique, but we recommend using duct tape for a super-sturdy frame, and instead of the sheets of crepe paper she uses, we recommend using crepe paper streamers, because they’re (a) very cheap—about $1.50 per color at a party store and (b) already cut into strips. Brown crepe paper can be tricky to find at a party supply store here in Dallas, but it was easy to find it on Amazon, and quite affordable.


Another idea we love is this photobooth strip costume. And it’s so easy! You’ll just need a tall box to cut into a single piece. This article doesn’t give much in the way of a tutorial, but we recommend measuring out a rectangle that’s a good size for you to poke your head through—then you’ll know how big you need to make your photos.  but you can go to FedEx Kinko’s and enlarge a photo in black and white pretty easily. If you want to enlarge the photos from an actual photobooth strip, you can find a photo booth here in Dallas at the Urban Outfitters in Mockingbird Station. Know of any more local photo booths? Leave us a comment! Otherwise, you can certainly make some fake photobooth photos with your smartphone.

Photobooth Strip Halloween Costume - Cardboard Box Costumes 2015

Another more topical riff on this costume is this Instagram filters costume. Love it! (I just wish we had an original source to give credit.)

Instagram Filters - Halloween Costumes out of Cardboard Boxes 2015

Your kids may be too young to appreciate this costume, but every person between 25 and 45 will love this one. Use a box big enough to envelop your kids’ wagon, and break out your artistic abilities to recreate the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine van. Your charming daughter as Daphne, your son as Fred, mom as Velma, dad as Shaggy—extra points if you can unmask a villain at the end and be accused of being “meddling kids.”

Okay, last one (though honestly, we could research this all day)… behold the taxidermied deer, which should be a hit here in North Texas. For this one, you just need a small box, a Sharpie marker to draw a bit of woodgrain, some antlers, and some makeup. An all-white or all-black outfit will make your body recede into the background.

Halloween Costumes out of Cardboard Boxes -Taxidermied Deer - 2015

As you can imagine, the ways to use a cardboard box are infinite! We’ve seen pizza boxes, movie theater candy boxes, cuckoo clocks, an iPod, and much more.

Of course, we sell cardboard boxes in a multitude of sizes that are sure to meet your costume needs at our six self storage locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Have fun making your costume, and happy Halloween!

The Best Lock for Your Storage Unit

The Best Lock for Your Storage Unit - the Secret You May Not Know - Dallas, TX

In today’s world, security is something we have to prioritize at every turn. Many of us have started implementing security cameras in our home, anti-theft measures for our cars, and antivirus and backup software for our computers. Security in your self-storage unit should be no less important, and we at North Texas Self Storage take it very seriously. Our properties are well-lit and well-maintained, with security cameras monitoring activity throughout. Most importantly, our property managers live on site—a security measure that simply can’t be replicated with any remote monitoring system, no matter how diligent. And while we feel confident we’re offering the most security we can, there are a few things we recommend our clients do in order to keep their belongings safe from intruders and/or theft while they are stored at one of our storage facilities.

No doubt you are familiar with standard padlocks and with combination locks. We don’t recommend combination locks—and not because someone could guess the code, or you might forget the code, though those are certainly concerns. Combination locks can easily be cut with bolt cutters or a hack saw, and quite easily at that. We also don’t recommend a standard padlock, which you might see on an outdoor shed, locker, luggage, or gas meter. These locks are called cylinder locks, because pins inside the cylinder must be manipulated to a specific position for the lock to open. A bad actor can easily drill through the cylinder to open the lock, if not cut through the shackle (the rounded part on the top of the lock) with bolt cutters or a hacksaw.

So what locks DO we recommend? At the beginning of this post, you’ll see a circular lock. This is called a disc lock, and this type of lock was actually developed specifically for self-storage facilities. As such, they are recommended across the industry as the go-to lock to use. The shackle cannot be easily cut using bolt cutters; instead but it takes about 10 minutes with a high-speed diamond-blade rotary cutter to cut through the shank of a disc lock. That kind of activity not only takes time, but it also generates a lot of noise—a disadvantage for a would-be thief. Also, because these types of locks are stainless steel, they won’t rust (and therefore weaken) in an outdoor setting. Several of our facilities sell a disc lock we recommend, or you can find them at big box stores like Home Depot or Lowes, or on Amazon.

Want to really go the extra mile for security? Choose a shrouded disc lock. Master Lock offers a shrouded disc lock with octagonal boron-carbide shackles that are very tough to cut through. A stainless steel body and a covered keyway give it maximum weather protection, and a 4-pin cylinder increases its pick resistance. If you really want to feel secure, use two locks! He suggests using two disc locks. A thief is more likely to move on if he sees that he’d have to work on your storage unit for 20 minutes just to get it open. A burglar doesn’t want to linger, because it gives our surveillance cameras—and our property managers—more time to catch him. And we know if that the longer a person is milling around, it likely means he’s up to no good.

Of course, if you’re storing something valuable to you in your storage unit, we do always recommend securing an insurance policy or adding to your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policy. Check with your insurance provider; they may offer zero deductible or a lower premium if you use a disc lock. And do take photographs of the items in your storage unit, and save receipts where possible. It seems like the more precautions we take, the less likely something bad happens, which is just the outcome we want. Contact us any time at any of our locations in LewisvilleDallasCarrollton, and Denton, where one of our friendly property managers will be happy to help you move in and get secured!