On-Site Property ManagersOn-Site Property Managers

At North Texas Self Storage, security is of great importance. We firmly believe that each and every one of our customers needs complete peace of mind when trusting us to keep their belongings safe and secure. This is why all of our storage facilities have a range of effective and necessary security measures to help us give you the confidence you need.


As well as having controlled access to the site, PIN code access to the storage areas, and video surveillance, we also have an on-site manager who lives on the site and is available to resolve a security issue should it become necessary. Many sites will offer you a video surveillance system and gated entry, but who will be there to keep an eye on the surveillance or deal with any issues on site of there is not a manager available 24/7? This is why NTSS goes that extra mile and offers this service to you free of charge.


This extra layer of security means that you can be confident that North Texas Self Storage is doing everything we can to keep your belongings safe and secure. But an on-site manager doesn’t only decrease the chances of breaking and entering and theft, they are also there for safety reasons. If for any reason there is a problem at a particular site such as a flood or fire, they will be on hand to deal with it immediately and alert the necessary assistance. Although these eventualities are incredibly unlikely and will also be monitored with high-tech alert systems, having someone onsite who can respond immediately may dramatically affect the outcome of a fire, flood or other disaster.


Our expertly trained and helpful staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have about our facilities; so whether you are looking to store with our Dallas storage facility, our Lewiville storage facility, or any of our other local sites then please get in touch with them today and find out why storing with NTSS can offer you greater peace of mind.

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